Every professional writer will tell you one thing – you have just a few seconds to impress the audience. If you don’t get them hooked right from the start, you’ll lose readers.

It doesn’t really matter if you’ve written the best, most perfectly researched text in the world. Nobody’s going to read it.

Content writing is a tricky thing and there’s no universal formula when it comes to making sure that everyone will read through till the end. Still, a couple of techniques can increase your chances of success.

Great writing isn’t about grammar and sentence structure (though these things do matter!).

Here are some of the secrets that will help you improve your content writing.

1. A viral headline will go a long way

Viral has become the codeword when it comes to online success. We all want to publish viral social media updates, viral YouTube videos and viral website or blog content.

Well, the things you believe have viral potential may not necessarily be the ones that your audience is going to be impressed by.

A few of the common elements of viral headlines you can test out however, include the following:

  • Emotional appeal – make people laugh or feel something and you’ve got them hooked
  • Something curious that everyone wants to know
  • A trending topic (doing your research is crucial)
  • A list, a series, a specific number of tips
  • A how to guide, a practical explanation of something complex or something that everybody wants to learn how to do

Take for example Buzzfeed headlines. Analysis has been carried out to find out what makes them so likely to go viral. Guess what, most of them correspond to at least one or more of the criteria mentioned above.The basic difference between an SEO content writer (if you are looking for one) and a normal content writer is that the former understands how to create content, without making it spammy, in order to improve your search engine rankings legitimately.


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